Adopt A Stream provides the resources to help you organize a stream cleanup in the Greater Des Moines area. From adopting a stream to getting permission to access the stream, we have the step-by-step guidance and forms you need.


Adopt a Stream connects us directly to our streams - so we can clean them, enjoy them, name them and celebrate the improvements in our water quality and soil erosion over time. As we become ever better water and soil stewards, we'll see improvements in the health of our lands and people. 

Make Your Positive Impact

Through Adopt a Stream, local governments, organizations, businesses and community members are brought together to work on behalf of our creeks and streams. This unique opportunity lets groups and individuals see first-hand how their actions can have a positive impact on the health and beauty of their community, state, and nation.This website offers an overview of the Adopt a Stream program and the tools and resource you need to get directly involved in stream cleanup, promoting water awareness and others ways you can help our creeks and streams stay the best they can be.